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90 DAY WARRANTY on all instrument clusters
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Our business hours are Monday thru Friday from 9AM - 5PM.


Phone: 1-800-590-2716

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ICS utilizes USPS Priority to ship most packages destined to the continental United States. Sometimes FedEx Ground is used at our discretion. A tracking number will automatically be sent to your email address. For shipments to Alaska and Hawaii the buyer pays shipping costs. We also offer both USPS Express and FedEx Overnight services at the buyer's expense. Please speak to one of our representatives for a delivery and price quotes on express services.

Packages shipped outside of the U.S. will be shipped USPS Express. Buyer is responsible for all duties and taxes concerning these shipments as well as shipping costs. ICS reserves the right to decline to ship to some countries due to a high occurrence of lost packages.


Please contact customer service at 800-590-2716 or prior to returning any item. Returns are refunded minus shipping and 25% restock fee.


All products are backed by a 90 day warranty.


Condition of our Instrument Clusters: The cosmetic condition of each instrument cluster is noted in its description. They range from excellent condition to instrument clusters with scratches on the lens cover (at a reduced price of course!!) There are even some available without lens covers if you are looking to save even more money. Just remove your old lens cover and pop it onto one of our clusters!

Instrument Cluster Mileage: If the donor vehicle's mileage can be determined it will noted in the instrument cluster description. NOTE: The miles/kilometers on odometers are not guaranteed due to the fact that some vehicles store the mileage in the engine computer and may revert back to the vehicle's true mileage upon installation.

Phone: 1-800-590-2716
Contact Form

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